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          The proposed project is a follow on project of Hydrology Project Phase-I. During H.P.-I an integrated Hydrological Information System providing reliable, comprehensive and timely hydrological and meteorological data was established.

          The project will strengthen the existing hydrological data institutions by upgrading hardware and software capabilities. It will raise awareness among data users and general public by disseminating and sharing knowledge on hydrological information. The project proposes to develop standardized hydrological design aids in surface water, ground water planning, reservoir operation, irrigation management drought monitoring and management and conjunctive use of Surface and Ground Water. The Project will assist purpose driven studies to develop feasible and cost effective driven studies to water management issues, which could be replicated. The project will implement capacity building programs for the personnel of implementing Agencies including National and International trainings and study tours.

          The overall responsibility for the project implementation will be with Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR) and at the Central level, the National Level Steering Committee chaired by Secretary, MoWR will be the apex body responsible for strategic supervision and policy support. The nodal coordinating and operational agency for the project will be a full time multi disciplinary team-as HIS Coordinate Secretariat headed by commissioner, HP & MI, MoWR.

          There will be 3 HIS Management Groups to provide advisory support on implementation relating to key functional areas of technical, institutional strengthening and data dissemination. A State Level Steering Committee chaired by Secretary, Water Resources Department & State HIS Coordination Committee headed by Engineer-in-Chief of Water Resources Department constituted as state level institutional arrangement.